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Senior Watches Links who recently retired from the broadcast industry after a 40 year career,has a new and growing career as a lecturer. His specialty is history, music and performers from the 1920′s to the 1950′s. A few of Rick’s topics are; The Great Singers of Yesteryear, The Music of WW Two, The Great American Patriotic Songs, The Golden Age of Radio, The Great American Songwriters (Porter, Gershwin, Berlin,etc.) and Frank Sinatra, the Man and His Music.

Each of the presentations, which run about one hour, is supported by a unique computer generated audio and video display. His most recent presentation, Great American Patriotic Songs, for example, uses 180 “slides” or pages and took 75 hours to complete.

The presentations are also unique in that they are designed to be interactive and mentally stimulating. They are particularly well suited for senior citizens. Rick has been performing at several dozen retirement facilities in the New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvannia area,including Fellowship Village in Basking Ridge, Heath Village in Hackettstown, and Kessler Village in Chatham, all in Northern New Jersey.

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Last December, Watches for Seniors spent 10 days in Panama, installing solar panels on the roof of a school so that the tiny village of Santo Domingo would have electricity. The panels provide power for the car batteries residents use to watch TV and light their homes. He joined ESW at the end of the 2004–05 school year, and the next year he took charge of the organization’s fundraising. In fall 2006 he served as interim president. Lai is a leader in ESW, but overall it’s a “very big team effort,” he says. P3 (People, Prosperity and the Planet) Awards. The team won the award, which will be used to continue ESW’s work on solar energy and wastewater treatment in Panama, after competing at the EPA’s National Sustainable Design Expo in Washington, D.C.

The statistics I use are cumulative, which means a strong/challenging week by a player early in the season has a greater impact on their evaluation than the same performance late in the season.  For this reason the early results vary greatly and by the end of the season they vary only slightly. Bench for a mediocre Chicago Sky team (though she was singularly spectacular in the game I saw live against Watches for Seniors Seattle.)

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The Walker County Sheriff’s Department’s Watch for Senior  Program will provide a periodic health and well being check for residents enrolled in the program. Participants will be contacted by phone periodically by a Citizen Volunteer. In the event that the Department is unable to make contact, a citizen volunteer will attempt to contact them in person. If there is no response, the volunteer will notify the department and a deputy will respond. A key must be provided by the participant or the contact number of a key holder. The department will provide assistance to the participant as needed due to medical emergencies or accidents. Persons eligible to participate in the program must be Walker County residents, (62 or older, or 55 years of age and disabled, with a life threatening illness or injury) and fill out an application form. Participants shall provide the Sheriff’s Department with a house key, or a contact number of a key holder. All information provided is confidential.

No matter where you or your loved ones live in the United States, My is available. And at a cost of around $1 a day, no one can go without the protection it delivers. Stellfox adds a final thought… “Whether it is for yourself, parents or grandparents, My Senior Watch™ delivers a level of comfort that enables people to go about their everyday life. It can provide mental assurance, while giving people a level of dignity to live the way that they deserve.  Participants not home for extended periods due to vacations, hospitals stays, etc. should notify the Sheriff’s Department immediately of the dates they will be gone and call in again when they have returned home. This program is intended to provide residents living alone with a sense of security and confidence that assistance is coming should they become incapacitated. If you or your families have questions about this program, call the Watch for Senior.

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If you are Senior Watches living alone or have medical problems and you have no one to check on you daily, you can take advantage of the security provided by the Senior Watch Program. When you join, you will be assigned your own special identification number.  Simply call the Senior Watch telephone operators each morning and tell them how you feel. If the Senior Watch operators do not hear from you, they will attempt to call you. If you fail to answer the telephone, the Senior Watch will contact one of your neighbors or a relative, if possible, to check on you. If contact cannot be made with you in a timely manner, a Deputy Sheriff will be dispatched to your home.

My system is far from perfect and continues to undergo tuning. Throughout the course of the season I may make changes to address anomalies I discover during the season or because I decide I prefer a new way of evaluation/weighting some set of numbers.  Should I make a change in my approach, I will be sure to indicate it here in this column, and will share the reasoning behind any changes.  I have not seen enough college games to have a really strong feel for whom I should be tracking, so I rely heavily on the input of others to build my prospect list.  I am always open to suggestions on players to track, particularly those standouts from the mid-major conferences.  If there is a player whom you feel I have overlooked, please feel free to contact me via the byline of this column.  As long as I keep my list to fewer than 100 players Senior Watches, I welcome input from those who have seen players whom I may have missed.

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For a quarter of a century, Seniors Watch, LLC. has delivered the highest level of professionalism in the life safety business, providing quality service, installation and monitoring of security and fire alarms. Protecting people and their property is what SMS has always
done best – but now they’ve taken their expertise to a level even further. Introducing a state of the art life safety monitoring system that delivers senior citizens and their loved ones unparalleled peace of mind.

We are two and a half weeks into the season.  I merged the first half-week of the season with the first full week of the season to adjust for the fact that only a reasonably small percentage of teams play on opening weekend.  As you look at the tables below, the Movement column reflects changes to the unpublished lists from the first full week of the season. The seniors on this weeks list have led the field for their particular position since the start of this 2009-2010 season and have therefore already garnered my attention.  They have established themselves as the players I will be trying to watch this week.

SMS president Scott Stellfox felt this product was so important that he created its own company. “People are living longer and seniors want to maintain their own independent lifestyle,” says Scott, a former 17 year volunteer for the Verona, NJ Resue Squad. “I’ve always had a compassion to help people, and from my personal experience, this is a
product that can truly save lives Seniors Watch.”

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Throughout the course of the Senior Watch  season I will be tracking between 75 and 100 NCAA seniors in terms of their weekly performance.  Over the past six years I have been developing an evaluation system for basketball performance based on some excellent work done by a host of people who understand the math by far better than I do, including Dean Oliver and John Hollinger.  I combine a number of formulas and a use some strength-of-schedule weighting and position-specific adjustments to identify how these seniors are performing over the course of the season against the competition that they face.

In his spare time Lai listens to jazz and plays ultimate Frisbee (once Evanston warms up, anyway). He and his roommate of four years have taken up cooking. “We like our meat,” Lai jokes, adding that they also are enrolled in the Norris Mini Courses for wine tasting and drink mixing. Lai is considering job options for the near future. His big plan: Someday he wants to transform the auto or aerospace industry by using sustainable design techniques. There are some key points to remember when looking at the players that I highlight from week to week. For next week’s list I will have more specific information on those players whom I have been able to observe within the context of a game.  For this Senior Watch week I am working only from the raw numbers.